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Friday, February 4, 2011

SUPER GAME DAY: BOWL EDITION - I am almost as excited as Michael Strahan

Dadada dadaduuh! Superbowl Sunday is here and we will be hosting a Superbowl par-tay. The last time I was remotely responsible for Superbowl related festivities we bought dozens of 2-4s, and I spent an hour afterwards sweeping peanut shells and sunflower seed remnants off the floor of our rez. This Sunday - as well as having a strict no-spitting-on-the-floor policy - will also have a gargantuan menu of delight.

This is the first time I'm attempting several of these things, so wish me luck. I'm hoping my culinary escapades will emerge as victorious and unrepentant as Big Ben in a sexual misconduct investigation and (hopefully) as unscathed as female bathroom go-ers in Dallas this weekend.

The menu includes:
  • guacamoleeee!
  • pineapple salsa - I have been meaning to post this for awhile. It is most excellent.
  • salsa con quesooooo!
  • carmelized onion dip
  • cobb 'salad' dip - that's right - avocado, bacon, onion, corn, blue cheese, heaven.
  • crab cakes - again these are just, well, SUPER. I have been meaning to post these goodies.
  • thai 'summer' rolls
  • buffalo style jalapeno popppers! (my inner latina appears to be very excited)
  • pretzels with fig-mustard
  • 'pulled pork' mini-subs (really made with tofu)
  • philly cheesesteak sammies (also miniaturized - I don't want to kill anyone)
  • wings A MILLION WAYS (buffalo, honey-garlic, jerk, 'Detroit', Asian-style Suicide [kamikaze wings? nembutsu wings?] - stay tuned).
As I write this down I am realizing this is a stupid amount of food for one tall-sized girl to try and make. I suspect this is more food than Jessica Simpson consumed post-Tony Romo. However, much like Brett Farve vs. Retirement, I won't surrender until I've isolated myself from friends, fans, family, and reasonable footwear. Stay tuned love nuggets, and may the force be with (Polamal)u.

ed note: As I was finishing this I made myself spicy crab nachos and they might taste like heaven. These might have to make their way onto the menu.


  1. this is inspiring

  2. truly... honestly... great puns. i want to share my favourite day of the year with you next year.