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Friday, March 4, 2011

Jam, Jelly, Pickles and Preserves.

I am now doubly enthusiastic about my canning + preserving plans. Things I am desperate to try:

  • raspberry jam
  • strawberry jam
  • preserving my lemon curd (SO GOOD. BUT SO BAD FOR YOU. BUT SO GOOD).
  • mango chutney
  • Saskatoon berry jam
  • making pickles
  • preserving lemons - Mediterranean style
  • red pepper jelly
  • can I preserve bbq sauce?
  • avoiding botulism

Recipe suggestions are welcome as I haven't even begun to look. I am also going to try and grow some things (herbs) despite my predilection for killing plants. I feel like I should probably have been an earthy 1960s sexy farm wife instead of a listless Generation whatever-I-am grad student trying to decide between law school and being the best high school history teacher you could ever hope to have. I will force my ennui into mason jars and hopefully it will be glorious.

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