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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Review: Lime, Toronto

This little gem is located at the corner of Yonge and Eg, just east on Eglington (at 170 Eglinton east). YES it's sort of Thai food, YES I have a problem. Acknowledged, moving on. I have been here about a half dozen times. I really adore this restaurant. It offers superior Asian fusion, at a very reasonable price (think $8.95 for a veggie pad Thai but WAY better than Thai Express). I went back last Wednesday for my first dinner in Toronto and not only was it as good as I remembered I was delighted to find the wines cheaper than I remembered. A good dinner and a $23.00 bottle of wine for? Sold. It also doesn't hurt that Lime is a few blocks from my house.

Lime - 170 Eg, from the inside.
Check out for more info. 
Lime offers a good selection of pan Asian cuisine. It always tastes fresh, and has consistently been great. The decor is clearly Asian inspired, minimalist, with clean lines, and understated accents. The atmosphere is higher end, while the menu prices are definitely affordable.  The service is always good - not GREAT, but attentive and prompt.

My most recent trip - I had the Thai fish cakes ($6.95 for 4), and the penang curry with prawns ($13.95) which is served with ginger sticky rice. The fish cakes weren't the best I'd ever had - in trips past, I've had other appetizers (shrimp rolls, fresh rolls, calamari, green mango salad) - and I wish I had gone with the crab and avocado fresh rolls. That said the fish cakes were definitely decent - lightly fried, puffed up nicely, excellent tart dipping sauce. That said - from past experience I would definitely recommend the fresh soft rolls.  We ordered a bottle of pinot grigio, which clocked in at $23.95 and was a cold, crisp, excellent accompaniment to spicy Asian-fusion food. For a main I had the penang curry - which is a rich, creamy, spicy, and complex red coconut based curry. The shrimp were perfectly cooked, the vegetables fresh and varied, and the curry itself was BOMB. The ginger rice is also incredible (I could eat it alone, with my hands) and comes wrapped in a little banana leaf which is just adorable. I ate everything on my plate. If you know me, you know I rarely finish a whole meal. Lime forever!

A few days later it was Monday night and a certain awful reality TV show had it's finale, and I wanted to order in Thai. I was delighted to find that Lime delivered. I ordered enough food for 2 as my parental-unit was likely to come home a few hours later. Veggie Pad Thai, lemongrass shrimp, ginger sticky rice, and Thai spring rolls clocked in at about $36.00 I think (I also ordered Dr. Pepper and I think the pop ran me something like $2.50 - note, Lime is not the place to go for pop). Everything was DECENT but it wasn't great. This being the first time I'd done take-out from Lime, I was a little disappointed. Having had several consistently great meals in house at Lime, the take out was just decent. Not great, not bad, not goood, but decent. The rice was as great as always, and the spring rolls were fine, but the pad Thai was just eh, and the lemongrass shrimp weren't really zippy, or tangy, or lemongrass-y. They tasted more like sweet and sour shrimp - which is FINE, except I wanted lemongrass!

Bottom line - dine in = really good. 3.75/5 or 4/5. For the quality and the price and the atmosphere, you really get your money's worth. The take out...ehhhh. Order a pizza, and then go to Lime the next week!

Check Lime out at 170 Eglington in Toronto, or at

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  1. hahaha parental unit? That's what my dad calls himself, my p-unit! I'm glad to know there's others out there

    ps- all these reviews are making me huuungggyyy