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Friday, March 18, 2011

REVIEWS: Pizzeria Libretto, Toronto, Ontario

Located at 221 Ossignton (and, Libretto is a great bustling pizzeria (clearly), located in the trendy Montreal-esque west Toronto neighbourhood of Ossington and Dundas. Unpretentious, friendly staff, and good food. It's everything I want in a restaurant.

I realize I only tend to review 'good' restaurants, but believe you me - I don't go places that I think are going to be shitty. Also, I am currently funemployed. While realistically I shouldn't be dining out at all, I am, and I am certainly not going to waste my rapidly depleting funds on mediocre food.  I went to this place with a lovely girlfriend from high school to do our yearly catch up, and realized that this was the same place we'd gone a year or two ago when I'd last been in town. Weird. Either way it was awesome. As stated: unpretentious, friendly staff, and good food. Make that great food. Also - our waiter was a superbabe with incredibly sculpted forearms. Just saying.

Libretto... before the pizza crazed masses
I showed up about 30 minutes early, having substantially misjudged my travel time. I sat at the bar, had a glass of wine, and read my book. Despite the rapidly filling restaurant no one seemed to mind, which is exactly the way it should be. About 20 minutes later the hostess came and asked if I wanted to put my name down for a table as the place was likely to be packed by 6:15. Thank you hostess, yes I would. And the place was packed. There was a line the entire time we were there, from about 6 pm  until 9 pm on an otherwise quiet Wednesday evening. Despite the ravenous hoards, there was no pressure to eat quickly and finish up, the courses came quickly but well-spaced, and the service was pretty decent/attractive the whole way through (we had some trouble getting our waiter's attention to pay). The only negative thing was the lack of a debit machine. I mean COME ON. It's a busy restaurant. Not only that they don't even have the obnoxious atm with the $3.00 charge - you have to walk down the block to the bank (luckily MY bank). Not a big deal, but still - come on.

For wine I had the Montepulciano d'Abruzzo 2008 - a smoky red, and it was lovely, clocking in at around $9 a glass, or $40 for the bottle. I went for the prix fixe menu - $25.00 for antipasti, salad, pizza, and a dessert. NOT BAD. The antipasti was endives topped with a goat cheese and walnut mix, topped with balsamic reduction. Just enough to have little nibbles. For the salad I had arugula, piave, pear and walnut salad topped with a blackberry balsamic (I know. So good). I am hungry typing this. Both were awesome. For the pizza - I had Salami pizza but I didn't get the salami on it obviously. It was roasted red peppers, basil and gorgonzola. Basically heaven. Crispy oven fired thin crust, homemade everything, perfect amount of peppers, basil, and cheese. The dessert was lemon panna cotta and again - was heavenly. Smooth, tart, topped with nuts...I could have eaten two pounds. Everything about this meal was fresh, well prepared, and pretty much superb. I wish I could have it right now.

For the two of us, two glasses of wine each, and the prix fixe for both, came in at around $110 incl. tip and tax. A decent amount of money, but the food and wine was a lot better than 55$ each.

Trendy locale, good service, great food, friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommended.

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  1. Excellent review. Will be heading there this weekend and will quaff a glass or two in your honour. (Deleted typos from above messages)