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Sunday, April 17, 2011

BACON VODKA: now starring - jalapeno!!

bleh! Bacon fat.
 As you may recall, we have been making sensually delicious bacon vodka. Or so we hoped. Having purchased the cheapest of russian-danger-punch we stuck in our secret combination of bacon and jalapeno. Not actually that secret. Add with abandon (just make sure you cook your bacon first).

After two weeks of infusiiiiing the vodka, our baconator brew was finally ready. Now the bacon had formed a disgusting layer of bacon fat and crud on the top of the vodka. This fun layer of filth necessitated a filtration process. After being unable to find cheesecloth (damn you Sasksatchewan!) we elected for coffee filters (see exciting process on the right).

hello yellow! bleh x2
Here's what we discovered: 1. bacon is mostly disgusting but also apparently still delicious; 2. it takes a surprisingly long time to filter; 3. you will want to filter it twice; 4. somehow it turns the 'vodka' yellow, which is not so oddly unappetizing; 5. this witches brew tastes EXACTLY like bacon. Shockingly like bacon. Eerily like bacon. So much like bacon that were I ever to do this again I would probably only use ONE piece of bacon. The jalapeno was present, but subtle. I honestly don't know if you could drink this straight unless you were a serious bacon aficionado. But honestly, if you're in the mood for bacon this IS bacon. It's bacon to get you drunk. Is there anything more magical? I'm pretty convinced I could package this and sell it. 

 Even if you can't imagine drinking bacon (few are noble enough), this bacon-vodka (badka? vodcon? baconvka?) IS perfect for is caesars. Bacon jalapeno caesar - HELLO! Use this vodka to make yourself a fancy caesar and you win at life - a god amongst men (and women).  This is the Eli Manning of caesars - rich, tasty (?), and mostly just a little bit weird. Once it's in a caesar it's definitely a 5/5.

The other vodka - lemongrass and ginger - worked exceptionally well. Less excitingly as it didn't change colours or taste overwhelmingly of pork, however it was good straight. Next time I might add a little more lemongrass, but this stuff is really good. You could drink it in a martini or with soda water, whatever. No bacon, but still pretty damn great.

The only problem facing us at the moment is that neither of us drink vodka. HMM.


  1. You should try Vanilla Rum... same process just rum and a vanilla bean or two. But remember to split the bean down longways the middle to open it up and bring out the flavour.

  2. Oooh I definitely will! I have some cucumber-basil gin infusing right now. I have another week to go. I'll give the rum a shot (or 5).