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Sunday, April 17, 2011

BACON VODKA: recipe! instructions! why didn't I do this earlier!

An oddly fancy bottle for pork liquor
Dearest darlings,

Why oh why didn't I post the recipe for bacon vodka originally? WHO KNOWS. But now you, yes you! - can make your very own bacon vodka.

First of all, buy your vodka and a mason jar or something to store your vodka in. I made it in the green bottle over yonder. It made it very difficult to retrieve the bacon after the process was over.

So buy your vodka. We bought Alberta Pure or something - the cheapest we could, which ironically ended up winning vodka of the year in Vegas or something? Strange. So. You have your vodka. You will need to get 1 jalapeno (medium sized), and some bacon. I used President's Choice Peppercorn rubbed bacon, mostly just because I love President's Choice and secretly have a giant crush on Galen Weston. Sighhh... he can make me tasty frozen appetizers ANY DAY.

The next and only important step is to cook your bacon. I have heard tales of cooking your bacon with a little cayenne, cumin, and brown sugar (southwestern-y).. I imagine this would be scrumptious, but since this was my *first time* I wanted to do it simply to see how it worked. I cooked TWO pieces of bacon - this was more than enough. If you want it to taste like BACON I would use two pieces - if you want more of a hint of le bacon, maybe use one? Either way - I used two biggish pieces of der bacon. Once it's cooked let them cool  + dry on paper towels, and rub them with MORE paper towels to try and get as much fat as possible off. You won't be able to get it all off so don't fret too much.

Then prep your jalapeno - basically just remove the stem and the seeds and slice it length wise into 3 or 4 (or even 5!) slices. I smashed them with the blunt edge of a knife (skin side UP) a couple times to 'break' them a little to release their jalapeno-y goodness.

Then simply pop your bacon + jalapenos into your mason jar and cover with a whole bunch of vodka. I used about 20 oz as I had purchased a 40 of vodka and split it between two recipes. I'm sure this works just fine with a 2-6 of vodka, and if you're not sure you can always drink the extra 6 oz while waiting for your vodka. Once it's covered, close it completely, give it a shake, and leave it in a cool dark-ish place for two weeks. I would shake mine up every couple of days. You can see how disgusting it is once the bacon fat floats in little globs to the surface. The bacon also sheds little bits of cooked parts. It's generally a pretty gross process.

After TWO WHOLE WEEKS remove your bacon and jalapeno. I couldn't talk my domestic man partner into eating the bacon, so I have no idea what it tastes like. It looks like zombie bacon. Someone please do this and try the bacon. Vodka cured bacon! Delicacy! I just ended up throwing it out after my cat started licking it. Then you'll want to strain/filter your vodka. I did this slooowly using coffee filters secured with an elastic around a big jar. I strained it TWICE.

When it was first ready - before it had been strained or the zombie bacon removed -  we each sipped on it. When you drink it straight you can taste a serious amount of bacon.

nom nom all gone.
Then I made caesars. You can definitely taste the bacon. This my darlings, was a glorious success. Try it yourself - impress your friends! Drink your breakfast! Pork your liquor!

Remember what the bible says about jalapeno bacon vodka - "give unto caesar...".

In summary, you will need:

20 oz or a bottle of vodka, 2 pieces of cooked bacon, 1 jalapeno seeded + sliced, a big jar, two weeks of patience. Combine and you will have bacon-vodka. And I will have your eternal gratitude.


  1. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I really need to try this out later. Never knew Bacon and Booze can be an awesome combination!

  2. Thanks for the comment! It tastes SO much like bacon right at first. It's eerie. And it's definitely amazing in caesars.

  3. Where I am at in Calgary the PC peppercorn bacon is on sale for $2.84 for 500g. Watch the expiry date though.

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe of yours looks so interesting i like to try this stuff later as my wife arrive from work. Hope we can get the taste and hope it works later.

  5. I hope it was delicious and bacon-y!