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Friday, April 22, 2011

How to cook corn on the cob!

Yes I know. How to cook corn on the cob? What are you, a moron? NO. Trust me on this. I learned this last night. For some reason I was trolling the NYC chowhound boards reading about people struggling to cook corn in tiny apartments in the searing heat of summer and one fellow suggested steaming your corn in water with a BIG splash of milk in it.

This seemed strange to me. But man did it work. Or at least I think it did. The corn was fresh, and fresh corn on the cob is one of the better things in the world, however, I truly believe that the cooking method contributed to the delicious, sweet, firm, and buttery taste of the corn.

So my tip for you fair reader:

instead of boiling your corn in a big pot of water, only add a few inches of salted water to a big pot, bring it to a boil, add a BIG splash of milk, and then toss your corn in. It doesn't matter if the corn is totally covered by the water-milk bath. If you're doing a whole bunch of corn you can even prop it up like a little tee-pee of corn. Cook for 5-6 minutes (longer if you're doing LOTS of corn). Remove, butter, salt, ENJOY.

Yeah. That's right. It IS great. You're welcome.

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