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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I'm back!

Dearest, darling, dozen blogpals -

I have returned from technological Siberia! - and I am now living in Canadian-Siberia. But I am in fact alive and back in action, especially now that I have internet hooked up. I promise I will be blogging again, and blogging a lot - especially as I am still funemployed. Regina still has snow, but I have a wonderful bike, a responsible helmet, and a nearby grocery store.

People here are very very VERY nice, and my little house is lovely. I am also trying to be less of a chub and have been running 3 or 4 days a week. I also bought 5 romance novels for 6$ yesterday, so you know life is good.

I have also been cooking up a storm. I'm trying out some cookbooks.. currently I'm perusing my way through Bonnie Stern's "Friday Night Dinners" which was a Christmas gift. Initially I was unimpressed - every recipe seemed to have essentially the same seasoning or at least very similar ingredients - olive oil, kosher salt, dry red wine, pepper, garlic, thyme, etc... BLAH.

However, I have grown to appreciate Ms. Stern's book as there is something to be said for always having the ingredients on hand. It is also great for complete menus as the book is essentially a compilation of creative shabbat menus - from Australian dinner (wtf?) to Israeli to South African - it's all there.

Furthermore, I have discovered that even if you don't follow the flavours of the recipe - the cooking instructions are spot on. Everything I've made has turned out even though I've added in different spices or zests or seasonings. I made braised short ribs the other night which were supposed to be cooked with thyme and red wine, but I ended up doing them up with an IPA, orange zest, rosemary, thyme, oregano, shallots and carrots.. it was a  GRAND success.

Unfortunately I didn't take a photo before it got devoured. However, I did photograph my latest creation (and hopefully success): Spicy Jamaican Stew. Or at least it started out as basically jerk beef stew, but then I added grapefruit, and carrots, and rice and it has become some sort of slow cooked Jamaican jambalaya of doom. Fortunately I did take a photo, unfortunately I didn't write down the recipe. Bummer for everyone! Mostly for me! Either way, I am back with a camera, wireless, and a lovely wonderful sun-dappled kitchen.

I SPIT HOT FIYAH! Jerky Jamaican Jambalaya.

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