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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Louise O'Shea Salad 2.0

Me + Losh, being ladies, earning nicknames. NH2K7
L'Oshea and I go pretty far back. 

Well to second year, but that was 2005 so that counts as pretty far back.

By OAP of third year we were lounging on the hill in style. By Halloween we were shotgunning beers and garnering polite and repeatable nicknames. Then, during what was probably the most epic university reading week trip of all time (or at least 2006-2007), a bunch of us headed to Freedom, New Hampshire for what would come to be known as "Live Free or Die, Bitches". Loshea is now a super awesome grown up with a killer job, sexy bangs, and an astonishing ability to accessorize. And she's a great pal. Who I miss very much. Looooove youuu.

As you may recall it was in New Hampshire that O'Shea introduced me to a glorious south-western-y salad that has come to be known (at least by me and close associates) as Louise O'Shea Salad. I eat it pretty much all the time for lunch, or lazy, lazy dinner. Let it be said and let it be known that Louise O'Shea is good at salads (ha).

So it was much to my delight that I discovered a message from Loshea with instructions for a NEW Louise O'Shea Salad. I was filled with trepidation - could it be? I had thought there was only one! Could it be as amazing as the original? Yes, yes, and yes. I made this on Saturday night to go with a thai-asian-something style dinner. It is now mere days later and I am eating it again. It's raw, it's fresh, it's crunchy, and easy. It's even (shh!) healthy. So without further ado - Louise O'Shea Salad 2.0!

Louise O'Shea Salad 2.0 in all it's glory!
 2 decent sized handfuls (roughly 1 cup) of coleslaw mix (no dressing)
a little less than 1 cup of crunchy asian chow mein noodles
half a cup to a cup (lady's choice) of finely chopped broccoli florets
2-3 tbsp of dried cranberries
2 tbsp toasted almond slivers
 kraft asian sesame dressing

other things you will need:
a small frying pan if you plan on toasting your almonds
a cutting board for chopping things and the accompanying knife
a bowl for salad eatin'
  1. As always, wash your veggies! Then chop them up into good little mouthsized pieces. 
  2. Toast your almonds (if you're planning on it). Put them in a dry frying pan on medium heat, and toss them gently as they start to toast. They should be a little bit darker in colour, but be very careful as it's way too easy to burn almonds :(
  3. Once your almonds are done get ready to assemble your salad. I layered mine: coleslaw mix, noodles, broccoli, cranberries, almonds. Add your dressing liberally (seriously good dressing. I'm not a fan of pre-made dressings but this is excellent). 
True love.

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