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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

BACON VODKA: things that are fun but also gross

So as we know I am living in the land of ... well whatever the land of Saskatchewan is full of. Friendly people? Space? Offsale liquor stores? Things are great here so far, although the fact that I spent today reading romance novels and writing up cover letters in the sunshine can't hurt. I have been busy being a beer baron... well at least a vodka vinter (fail). I am currently infusing TWO kinds of vodka. Is it weird that the first thing I cooked in my new beautiful home was vodka? A terrible sign of things to come? Let's backtrack.

My honeysuckle of a man-love-nugget and I have a friend named Dylan. Dylan is a bartender + cocktail artiste extraordinaire. No exaggeration - he offered to get me a drink at a party once and came back 15 minutes later with an airy, ethereal mouthgasm full of burnt orange, egg white foam, and frothy perfection. A definitely step up from keg beer. Anyway, Dylan used to work at a bar-bistro-whatever called the Fainting Goat. The Fainting Goat had/has great caesars. One of the components was their infused vodka - they infused it with peppers, with meats, with spices, you name it. Anyway, I like to cook, drinking is also great - so why not infuse our own vodka? I also got some super snazzy coloured glass resealable bottles from my Momsy, and thought that they'd be put to better use full of liquor than decorating my bookshelf.
ERGO the vodka.

I hope it isn't too shameful that the first 'in-house' purchase was a 40 oz of the cheapest vodka we could least I'm settling into Prairie life well.

We each got to 'pick our poison' as it were.. I chose to go with ginger and lemongrass thinking it would go nice in soda on a hot day.. my manz picked bacon and jalapeno, thinking it would go nice in a caesar on any day. Now here is where I erred twice - first, in assuming bacon stuck in vodka wouldn't look disgusting; two, in forcing the chiles and bacon down the neck of my pretty bottles where I will surely never retrieve it from. It takes 2-3 weeks for the flavours to infuse the vodka and we're a week and a half in.. admire the bacon fat floating on the top of my vodka and... stay tuned!!!!

Bacon fat has never looked sexier

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