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Thursday, May 5, 2011


It's sad but true.

Upon leaving Montreal I promptly forgot about Super Sandwich.

What is Super Sandwich you ask? Well first of all it's something we're not going to refer to as 'SS'. Secondly, it's only one of the greatest lunch options McGill students have. Ignoring the fact it's one of the only lunch options McGill students have. Regardless, it's fantastic.

Super Sandwich aka Chacuterie le Cartier is a  basement dep. on Sherbrooke O. which happens to serve fresh, cheap sandwiches which happen to be super. What makes them so super you ask? Well besides the fact they're always exactly the same, prepared promptly, on fresh, hot, supple bread (can you call bread supple or is it just wrong?), they also cost around $3-something each. Throw in a can of pop and two bags of chips - the lunch 'combo' comes with TWO bags of chips, I'm not a monster - and it runs you roughly $5-something. Considering a bagel and a coffee at Timmy's will cost you about the same this is a PHENOMENAL deal. Plus it comes in a hand paper bag - easy for sandwich eating - with your two bags of chips, a straw, and a can of pop (plastic bag optional).

Every lunch hour you can see dozens upon dozens upon hundreds of students trekking across Peel to Super Sandwich. It's the same Super-dude every lunch hour. I read at some point that his parents started the dep and then got old so he and his sister continued it once his Dad's health decline :( I'm pretty sure his sister had a baby recently too. But she was there, 9 months pregnant, making sandwiches, gettin' paid.

Perhaps I'm waxing a little TOO poetical about white bread, sammich toppings, mayo/mustard, cheese + lettuce + tomato, but you must understand. McGill food is unequivocally terrible. Even the Tim Hortons is subpar somehow. Super Sandwich is probably 10 meters from campus. Hell, it's probably technically still ON campus. And it's good. It's fresh. It's a small, local business. And it's cheap. As a student, what more could you want? McGill has a habit of shutting down it's amazing food services (SHAME), so the aptly named Super Sandwich and it's independent business status is a blessing. MACES used to be another decent sandwich joint that disappeared in my last year at McGill. Same deal, different bread. Sammmich, chips, pop. 5 bucks (ish).

It's ludicrous that a sandwich deal at under 5$ should elicit so much love, but come on ex-McGillers - how goddamned much did you love and worship at the alter of Super Sandwich? I always went with the tuna with extra cheese and mayo. 1 sandwich, 2 bags of chips, 1 can of pepsi. But I'd frequently see kids in there getting 1, 2, 3 sandwiches and heading back to Bronfman, McClennan - wherever. But the worst part of all? Until seeing Super Sandwich mentioned by a friend, I had completely forgotten about it.

I wonder - if I hadn't remembered, would Super Sandwich and all of their days of excellence been forgotten? Cast to the dustbin of my mind? Shame on me. Tell me ex-McGillers - is there anyone who doesn't love Super Sandwich? Who hasn't gone seeking refuge from the cold, windowless, neo-Stalinist, cement walls of the main library? If you have a Super Sandwich tale or memory I'd love to hear it. In the meantime, I know I'm going back next time I'm in town.

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