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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bad blogger! Breakfast Sammich!

I haz been a bad blogger and I'm so sorry. What can I say but work, work, cat, work, work, working weekends, laziness, work, lazy cat, and then a long weekend away. Now my Mom is visiting which means dinners out and dinners at the 'in-laws' but this also means very little cooking.

I will be back in black soon, writing up a storm as I keep cooking things even when I'm not blogging. I've also got a bunch of weeeeird fish that I need to cook up and share with you (in the virtual sense.. but if anyone's in SK - come on by!).

In my freezer right now I have probably 3 lbs of dungeness crab, whcih I cooked very traumatically; all the yellowfin tuna in saskatchewan - probably; lobster tails; monk fish - UGLIEST fish alive and apparently tasty when dead. I also have a bunch of fun new things to try out like borsch, making pickles, and slow cooking baby octopusses. Octopi. Whatever. Tentacled little goobers.

I have scoured the Regina culinary scene and seen the good, the bad, and the terribly managed. I will tell tales of horror and delight soon. I'm a little afraid this may get me banned from Regina restaurants as there are all of 12 of them. But whatever. THE PEOPLE MUST KNOW!

I have also apparently learned to make and love custard. Custard is gross sounding but super scrumtious, especially when you make it with a homemade caramel + seasalt crust. Yeah. It IS that good.

So my sweet chums, sorry for my absence. I'm back. With a blowtorch. Recipes and wittery to follow.

For the moment, content yourself with the picture of my breakfast sammy. Poached eggs, margerine + marmaladed little bagel (marmalade + egg? DELICIOUS), plastic cheese, and lemon zest. AMAZING.


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