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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Easy Essential: Spready Figgy Jam

Ronreeey... I am so ronreeey... FOR CHEESE

There are some things that are just too good not to have in your fridge. Now for me, I love cheese and crackers, cheese and bread, cheese and fruit... really I could eat cheese and ____ for every meal if it wouldn't make me 958 pounds.

Due to this cheese addiction, I normally have a number of spreads, jams, confits and crudites in my fridge. The classic standby is of course, fig jam.

Fig jam is awesome. It also impresses people when you make your own spreads and pates and all that jazz. Make this, confit some onions, grab some cheese, slice some baguette and you've got some lovely nibblies.

Now figs aren't high on everyone's list, but honestly - but fig off! They should be. Not only are they tastier than everyone assumes, they're a historic fruit! Figs are probably one of the oldest fruits to be cultivated by humans. In fact - that apple with Adam and Eve? If we're pushing for historical and geographical accuracy - it would likely have been a fig! The Fall of Man? Let's cover up with some fig leaves!

Genesis aside, let's make fig jam! This is just a basic recipe - you can sex it up by adding caramelized shallots, or some cloves, or ginger!

    Would you be shocked I had seconds?
    Me + blue cheese + fig spread + crackers = devastation.

    1 cup of figs - I used dried black mission figs since it's March and I live in Canada, but if you can get fresh figs, they would be divine.
    1.5 cups of water
    2 tbsp sugar
    1 tbsp orange zest
    1 tbsp orange juice
    1 tbsp lemon juice

    thing you'll need: 
    a pot for cooking!
    something to zest your orange with
    a food processor or something to pulverize your figs with
    a container for your jam

    1. Add your figs, zest, sugar and water to your pot and bring to a boil. Simmer until your figs are squishy and super soft, about 15 minutes. You can add a splash more water if you need, but the majority of the water should be evaporated by the end.
    2. Pour into your food processor and add your lemon and orange juice. Blend and pulse until everything is deliciously combined and smoooooooth. 
    3. Eat! Store! Keep in your fridge for about a week if you can hold off eating it all.

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