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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Brown Rice Ahi Tacos with Wasabi Crema: My Absolute Favourite Fish Tacos

Seared ahi fish tacos with wasabi crema, pickled radishes, and peanutty brown rice.
A truly magnificent tortilla served meal. 
This morning I was back on air with the glorious people of Global Regina whipping up some fish tacos. It's summer, tacos are an easy-peasy any night recipe and they seem to be popping up on every gosh-darned menu in the city. Not that I'm complaining. Halibut, snapper, cat fish, cod, haddock, sole, orange roughy, tilapia, mahi mahi, tuna, salmon... If it's a fish - you can taco it. The problem isn't trying to decide what to have but rather what not to have. As well as being tasty and nutritious, fish tacos can be affordable and take all of 10 minutes to make.  

I've ranted about this about 98 times on this blog so far but not enough people eat fish. There seems to be some phobia surrounding cooking fish which never fails to perplex me. Eating slightly undercooked fish is normal and even desirable in some instances. Eating undercooked chicken will make you sick. There are kajillions of types of fish, each more delicious than the last! If you're unsure or anxious about your fish-ventures, go to a local store and talk to the staff there. Regina is lucky enough to have an independent fish market and believe you me, the staff are not only incredibly friendly and knowledgeable, they're also really really good looking, and a couple Saturdays a month, yours truly is counted among their handsome numbers. 

When Global asked me for my favourite fish taco recipe, I didn't have to think on it. Ahi tuna. The gold standard of delicious fishes in my mind. While it doesn't come cheap (it really, really doesn't), it is absolutely fabulous. I have a number of ahi recipes on this blog, and let me tell you - I had this taco THREE times during our most recent trip to Kauai. I could not get enough. 

The tuna I used here is sashimi grade. That means you can eat it with your hands RAW like you're a ferocious grizzly bear. It also means that it has been frozen at a -35 for at least 3 days. The freezing kills any and all bacteria in the fish and means you can enjoy it raw in a tartare or lightly seared and stuffed in a delicious taco! 

For this taco I normally use brown rice but you can use quinoa too, but whatever you do - do not leave out the PB! 

sashimi grade ahi tuna, approximately 200 g / 8 oz per person (not per taco!). Yellowfin is a good (affordable!) substitution. This will provide for 3 tacos! 
Approximately half a cup cooked brown rice, mixed with peanut drizzle
wasabi crema
julienned cucumbers 
iceberg lettuce, roughly chopped
small flour/corn tortillas OR baked spring roll wrappers
cilantro, hot sauce to garnish
salt and pepper

Wasabi Crema:
1 tbsp wasabi powder
The zest of 1 lime, and juice of half 1 lime
½ cup sour cream
1/3 cup milk/cream
Small splash of rice wine/white vinegar

Pinch of salt, black pepper
  1. If so desired - quickly sear your tuna, but no more than 45 seconds per side. 
  2. Mix your peanut drizzle. In a small sauce pan, heat the oil ginger and garlic. Combine with other ingredients and stir over medium low heat until saucy. Set aside. 
  3. Make your wasabi crema! Combine your crema ingredients in a bowl, whisking together. 
  4. Assemble your tacos! Combine about 1 tbsp peanut drizzle with 2 tbsp brown rice. Top with tuna, lettuce, cucumbers, and wasabi drizzle. If so desired, top with a drizzle of siracha sauce and a sprinkle of cilantro. Wrap, consume, repeat. 

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