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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Easy Summer Meals on Global Regina Morning: Part Deux

Early Morning at Global Regina. IT'S ALL GREEN. 

Salut mes amis, here is the link to the second (of hopefully many more!) quick and easy recipes on Global News. While I didn't have my dearest sister with me this time around, the people at Global are way way too nice considering they've been up since 3 AM.

A GIANT THANK YOU again to them for having me, and for not minding that I was inexplicably more nervous my second time 'round than I was for my first. Go figure. Next time I'll nod less and smile more :)

A SECOND GIANT THANK YOU to Pacific Fresh Fish for providing me with the 3 glorious fillets you saw on air. Not only are they a locally owned independent business, they treat their employees like gold, source their fish as sustainably as possible, and do their part to ensure only the best products are available in store. Not only that, but if you're extra nice, on occasion they'll feed you smoked salmon, oysters, and pickled herring.

While my little face looks like a chubby, chubby chipmunk, don't let that dissuade you from these delicious fish tacos.  You can see my anxiety and glorious fishes at the link below. I wonder how many times I've said fish taco in the past 3 weeks. Fish taco. (fish taco).

Fish Tacos, live on Global Regina. 

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