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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Deep Fried Ravioli: Italian Hot Pockets of Joy

like little italian wontons... or perogies... or tiny, tiny pizza pockets! 

I'm pretty sure the title says it all.

Deep. Fried. Pasta.

Depending on football scheduling - my house is full of gentleman callers (OooOOOh!) on a weekly basis. Usually for NFL Sunday Game Days but also for Rider Game Days. This usually necessitates/leads to me making a bunch of glorious dips and nibblies for my pallies.

Dips and party food are among my favourite things to make but it's easy to slip into a routine. This was  a fun change of pace and took only 4 minutes to make.

There are bajillions of recipes on the interweb for this but I didn't really expect it to work. I anticipated weird hard chewy pasta. This could not be further from the truth. The most surprising thing was that it tastes just like pasta.

Serve it on football Sundays, eat it alone wearing a slanket, or dish them out as 'fancy' appetizers at your next supper club. These are soft and pillowy crunchy-shelled nuggets of delight.

eaaaat... meeeeeee... 

1 package of fresh ravioli (they sell it near the potato salad and antipasto at the grocery store) 
if you're frying them in a pot you'll need about 1 inch's depth of canola oil/vegetable oil - do not use olive. 
a pinch of salt and pepper to dust your 'hot pockets' with once they're out of the fryer

for the sauce: 
1/3 cup of tomato sauce
1/3 cup of ranch dressing
a dash of Worcestershire
1-3 dashes of hot sauce... get your sriracha on

other things you will need: 
a deep fryer OR a sauce pot with 1 inch or so of oil heated to 365 degrees (use a meat/candy thermometer), a slotted spoon, and lots of caution. You always, always, always want to be careful deep frying. Horrifying accidents happen and 3rd degree burns are disgusting. CAUTION is the name of the game!  Also deep frying smells, so open some windows and make sure you're ventilated.
some paper towels and/or a rack to pop your ravioli onto once they're out of the oil. 

  1. Sort through your ravioli and make sure none are stuck together and separate those that are. 
  2. Once your oil is heated, in small batches - say 8 at a time - pop them into the deep fryer for 2 minutes. If you're using a pot and oil - after 1 minute if necessary, carefully turn with a slotted spoon to ensure they're evenly cooked on both sides, and cook for 1 minute more. 
  3. As soon as they're golden and popply pull them out, sprinkle them with salt and pepper and allow to rest on paper towels/rack. 
  4. Repeat until all are cooked. 
  5. Combine your sauce ingredients and stir together. 
  6. Serve topped with fresh chopped parsley if you'd like, and dip those little nuggets of joy in your sauce. Eat! Be careful - they're hot! 

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