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Friday, November 22, 2013

Grey Cup Game Day: CHICKEN WING-SPIRATION. The PENULTIMATE Game Day Staple - sorry veggies and vegans :(


Chicken wings. Or as they're inexplicably called in my house: CHICKEN WANGZ. Emphasis and capital letters necessary. 

The ULTIMATE game day staple.

A brief survey of friends gave a myriad of demands for chicken wing flavours:

"Give me jerk or give me death."
"anything with a dry rub." followed quickly by "cajun wings!!"
"Thai wings stuffed with vermicelli; dip lemon and herb or cilantro lime." (note: someone please teach me how to stuff a chicken wing)
"Tandoori, or a nice madras dry curry."
" Parmesan!"
"Salt & Pepper, Lemon Pepper, Montreal Spice....."

and finally this paragraph of food based eroticism written by the one and only Sweet Pete Greenall, extolling the virtues of a true buffalo wing:

"... the secret is the sauce, a simple hot sauce and butter mixture that is melted together. The wings are lightly dusted in corn starch to help the chicken skin crisp then they are deep fried till golden brown. Next they are sauced but here is the secret, good wings are just sauced and served, great wings are then slightly baked then served. This baking process causes the sauce to meld/merge with the skin retaining the falvour while not losing the crisp. Sometimes they are then again lightly tossed in sauce and then served. When you order wings in and around Buffalo you are asked "how do you like them?" Here they aren't asking what kind of silly sauce you want but if you want them crispy or saucy. Always crispy."

I recommend this process, with my ULTIMATE BUFFALO WANGZ. I meant WINGZ. Or if you're feeling festive and Saskatchewan-y, sauce them up with my Spicy Smokey Berry Cherry Sasky BBQ Sauce made with local Lumsden cherries.

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