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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Passover S'mores with White and Dark Chocolate and Homemade Marshmallows! Sort of! Not Actually Kosher - but delicious nonetheless so let's pretend this never happened and just eat them!



That's enough with the Dickens references. 

But not nearly enough with the s'mores. 

So I tried to make passover s'mores, forgetting along the way that gelatin is almost certainly not kosher, and as it's made from animal bones, combining it with milky good chocolate is also decidedly not kosher. BUT - these are still pretty awesome. It's the thought that counts? Maybe? 

wahoo! Homemade marshmallows!
dark chocolate
white chocolate
2 tbsp of heavy cream

other things you will need:
2 small sauce pot to melt your chocolates
a spatula to drizzle your chocolate with
a handy-dandy blowtorch to blowtorch your marshmallows with if your wee little heart so desires
some waxed paper to prevent chocolate messes

  1. Carefully melt your chocolates in separate pans. 
  2. Add the cream to your white chocolate and stir to combine. 
  3. Once your chocolate has melted, drizzle artistically/messily/wantonly all over your mazta. 
  4. Allow to dry, flip, remelt your chocolate, rinse and repeat. Don't actually rinse, just redrizzle your chocolate. 
  5. Sandwich some tasty homemade marshmallows between your  matza chocolate boards and EAT LIKE THE DELICIOUS HOMEMADE S'MORES THAT THEY ARE. 

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