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Oh hey there!

It's me - EatMyBlog. I'm a Canadian gal, cooking real food, from real ingredients.

I'm an Eastern Canadian who fell in love-at-first-sight with a Prairie boy and has settled into Regina, Saskatchewan. For the first year I was here, I didn't know many folks, had nothing to do, and was occasionally unemployed. I started blogging as a way to keep myself sane and to categorize all the things I was cooking with my spare time.

Now that I'm a real girl with a real job and a real life, I'm even more focused on easy, tasty, amazing meals that make you feel like the bad ass home chef you secretly are.

Trust me on this one. I'm a tall nerdlinger, who loves cheese, romance novels, pictures of pugs and teacup pigs, and a nice glass (or three) of microbrew. If I can manage to cook this food with the constant interference of my sneaky, rubenesque cat, and the constant nibbling of my less sneaky, slender man-candy then YOU CAN TOO.

So welcome! It's nice to meet you. Grab a wheel of cheese, some wine for cooking/drinking, some fresh veg, and let's get ready to chow down.

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